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Registration for the personal area on the Tax Authority's website

You will often need to access your personal area when you are requested to confirm the power of attorney that you have signed with your representative at the Tax Authority. However, the personal area offers many other features—from independently coordinating tax matters, finding old Form 106, to even obtaining information about assets held by you.

Registering for the personal area might seem complex due to the numerous screens to navigate, but essentially it requires you to confirm three things—your identity, your mobile number, and your email address (the latter two ensure more efficient future communication).

To assist with this, our office has prepared a step-by-step photographed guide to simplify the complex process. Should you have any questions, we are available to help.

Step 1

Prepare the following:

  • Your credit card details.

  • Your ID card (ID number and issue date). If you don't have an Israeli ID, please contact our office for assistance.

  • Your passport (passport number and validity).

  • Access to your email and mobile phone.

Step 2

Go to the Tax Authority's website registration area at the following link:

Step 3

Enter your ID number, and click "המשך".

Step 4

Select "פרטי כרטיס אשראי" ("Credit Card Details") and enter your credit card information. Then, click מילאתי סעיף אחד, אני רוצה להמשיך״ ("I have filled in one section, I want to continue").

Step 5

Select ״תאריך הנפקת תעודת זהות״ ("ID Card Issue Date") and enter the date as it appears on your ID card.

Step 6

Select ״פרטי דרכון תקף שלך״ ("Valid Passport Details") enter the relevant details from your passport, and then click ״המשך״ ("Continue").

Step 7

Enter your phone number, and choose ״המשך״ ("Continue").

Step 8

You will receive a text message from the Tax Authority with a code. Enter the code and click "המשך" ("Continue").

Step 9

Enter your email address and choose "המשך" ("Continue").

Step 10

An email will be sent to you from the Tax Authority with a code. Enter the code and click ״המשך״ ("Continue").

Step 11

Choose how you want to receive messages from the Tax Authority going forward—mobile phone or email—and click ״המשך״ ("Continue").

Step 12

Choose a username (password) that you will use to access your personal area. You can let the system choose for you but remember the password you select! Then, click ״המשך״ ("Continue").

Final Step

Confirm the terms of use, and click ״המשך״ ("Continue").


You now have a password for your personal area at the Tax Authority.


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