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About us

We are committed to providing extensive support to businesses and entrepreneurs, focusing on a range of accounting solutions, from meticulous bookkeeping and payroll management to auditing financial statements and reporting to tax authorities. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, fostering innovation, and applying creative thinking in our work. Our approach is personalized and carefully tailored to meet your unique needs, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and high client satisfaction.

דיוקן של שוהם שאוליאן, גבר בחליפה שחורה ועניבה לבנה. יש לו שיער כהה קצר, הוא מחייך ועומד על רקע אפור

Shoham Shaulian​

CPA (adv.)

Shoham Shaulian is an experienced accountant and lawyer, with a diverse academic background. Has a bachelor's degree in business administration and accounting, an additional bachelor's degree in law, and a master's degree in legal studies.

His previous positions included managing one of the leading tax law firms in Israel and serving as a senior income tax inspector at the Assessing Officer Tel Aviv 1. He has extensive experience in the field of taxation, and has provided advice over the years to the leading companies in the Israeli economy.

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דיוקן של תומר סלומון, גבר בחולצה מכופתרת בהירה. הוא מחייך ועומד על רקע בהיר

Tomer Salomon


Tomer Salomon has a solid foundation in financial matters, graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting and has years of practical experience in auditing, bookkeeping and payroll. In recent years, Tomer was the financial manager of a group of investment companies with a total investment volume of hundreds of millions of shekels, and also founded and managed an independent accounting office. 


Tomer is known for his reliable and thorough approach, while maintaining high standards, focus on details and commitment to his customers.

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