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Annual Reporting on Trusts

Our office provides annual report filing services for trusts (Trusts / Foundations / Establishments), focusing on the complexity inherent in each trust and recognizing the importance of the trustee's role in managing trust assets.

Our experience includes preparing and submitting annual reports for trusts, particularly in light of Amendment 197 to the Income Tax Ordinance legislated in recent years. This includes preparing reports for creators (Grantor / Settlor) and/or beneficiaries (Beneficiaries) as needed and in accordance with legal requirements.

Our office specializes in the tax aspects applicable to trusts and accordingly offers tax consultancy for trusts, based on our familiarity and understanding that each trust is unique in its way.

We offer reliable and professional services for trusts, especially in tax aspects, striving to balance our expertise with a deep understanding of our clients' needs.

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