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Trust Establishment

Trusts offer a variety of solutions for managing personal and family assets, particularly in matters of inheritance. These entities involve a creator (Settlor or Grantor) who transfers assets to a trustee, who then manages these assets for the benefit of the designated beneficiaries. This arrangement differs from an agency, as the trustee manages the assets not for the original owner (the creator) but for the beneficiaries, who may include the creator but not necessarily.

Trusts are a flexible entity and can allow (if predetermined) changes in beneficiaries over time, providing an alternative to conventional inheritance proceedings. They can address various scenarios, including care for children with disabilities, protection of assets from misuse, asset management before or within marriage, facilitating the inheritance of family businesses, intergenerational wealth transfer, and even retirement income.

At our office, we understand the significance of trusts as a strategic legal tool. We are here to help our clients understand and efficiently use trusts, ensuring their assets are managed as planned and benefit current and future generations. Trusts provide a structured, secure, and flexible means to achieve diverse financial and family objectives.

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